Do You Care At All? (to relax with some) @drippingspringsvodka, golden raisin, carrot, meyer lemon, cinnamon vanilla syrup. 📷 @dandeliongatherings

I mean, what can you really say about this one? Chocolate cake, grapefruit jam, sunchoke, buttercream, cocoa nibs ||👨‍🍳 @go.g.o.go || 📷 @dandeliongatherings

Happy hour today was pretty sweet potatoes - with currant-onion preserve, capers, pecans, chèvre. 📷 @dandeliongatherings

Matching the sunshine with our mimosa and warming you up with our coffee. Sunday brunch soon... 📷 @dandeliongatherings

The lunch burger is looking mighty fine these days with all that chili, beer cheese, tostada, cilantro, and jalapeño aioli || 📷 @dandeliongatherings

Beetlejuice, beetlejuice, beetlejuice. And this appeared - another amazing gin drink from the bar - @fordsgin, cynar, lillet, smoked beet, lemon, basil simple. We dare you to say it 3 times. And if @michaelkeatondouglas wants to come in for a taste - the first one is on the house. 📷 @dandeliongatherings

Happy hour special today! Pig ear tater tots, pork and quail bologna, brussel sprout kraut, fried egg foam, mustard seeds. 📷 @dandeliongatherings

A little good morning Sunday brunch preview. Chicken skillet, mushroom and brussel sprouts, chicken egg, smoked chicken, mushroom sauce, crispy brussel leaves. 📷 @dandeliongatherings

French toast is just one of those things that tastes better when someone else makes it for you. This one by our brunch guru @go.g.o.go - Mesquite french toast, thyme whipped cream, almonds, apple compote, cajeta. 📷 @dandeliongatherings