The Night Shift - @__mandyann__ working it with this one - @aberfeldy 12 yr, italicus, rosemary smoked honey, grapefruit bitters. 📷 @dandeliongatherings

Tomorrow we party and then we donate the proceeds. Come join us! 5 years of cookin’ in this wonderful city 😘 $35 at the door gets you old school trailer food, @adelbertsbeer and @hopsandgrain beer, draft cocktails, music...and bring some cash for liquor bottle ring toss. Benefiting @sfclocal and @jabosgarden at Zilker Elementary.

There are not many things better than someone else cooking for you and also putting tiny flowers on your biscuits, especially for brunch. Chive & cheddar biscuit, caramelized onion gravy, wagyu bavette, sour cream. 👨‍🍳 @go.g.o.go || @dandeliongatherings

Riddle me this - is there such a thing as a perfect fall drink? An Apple a Day - old overholt bonded rye, barrow’s, apple, cinnamon, angostura foam concocted by @lonescar and @lisaq101 || 📷 @dandeliongatherings

Celebrating 5 years!!!!!!! Monday 12/10, 6p-9p Trailer "Throwback" food Hops & Grain/Adelberts beer Draft Cocktail Live Music. $35 door donation gets you free food and drink and goes to SFC (Sustainable Food Centers farmers markets). Silent Auction.....all monies go to "Jabo's" Garden at Zilker Elementary. Liquor bottle ring toss (bring some cash).

He did it. He really did it. A burger for brunch @go.g.o.go - fried egg, wagyu patty, pimento, bok choi, shoestring potato, chili mayo. 📷 @dandeliongatherings

It either reads “eat” or “cat”...either way y’all cats come eat some food 👨‍🍳😜 || @jwestexas with the plate || 📷 @dandeliongatherings

We strongly suggest you wear two pairs of socks when you eat this because it’s gonna knock ya socks off. Lunch. Grilled beef sausage sandwich, broccoli chow chow, pimento, beer mustard, potato chips. Savory, crunchy, pickled, sweet, and a tiny bit of spice. Absolutely divine. 📷 @dandeliongatherings

In our latest issue of Brunch Today - Old @go.g.o.go put some green bean casserole with a fried duck egg, chicken, mushroom cream, and cheddar crumble. What. The wonderfully cheerful @jwestexas dropping the plate. 📷 @dandeliongatherings