Sour duck market's sourdough, cultured butter | 7

Pretzel*, chorizo spiced mushrooms, squash, cheese, pepperoni spiced mayo | 9

$1 from every pretzel is donated to SFC January farmer's market fess

Redfish ceviche*, cilantro, onion, olive, squash curry, chips | 14

Soup of the day | 7

Roasted squash, pipian verde, raisins,hazelnuts, feta, coriander vinaigrette | 12

Mushroom & bean enchilada*, red chile, oaxaca, sunny egg, tortilla chips, escabeche | 14

Grilled fish tacos*, apple, red onion, peppers, green chili mayo | 16

Fried quail sandwich, smoked egg salad, caramel hot sauce, fries | 18

Grilled beef sausage sandwich, broccoli chow chow, pimento, beer mustard, potato chips | 16

Burger*, chili, beer cheese, tostada, cilantro, jalapeño. aioli | 19

Triple crème flan, pepita nougat, olive oil, lemon cookie, apple | 9

Butternut squash cake, cocoa butter-scotch ice cream, goat cheese, cocoa nib | 9

Today's cookie | 2.5

Beer for the kitchen $1