Sour duck market's croissant, chocolate croissant, or danish | 3.5 per

(while supplies last)

Smoked redfish tostada*, soft scramble, squash, apple, fennel | 10

Grilled sweet potato, pig jam, ricotta, hazelnut, honey, herbs | 10

Grilled broccoli*, smoked egg salad, field peas, chicken skin, hot sauce, peppers | 9

Chive & cheddar biscuit, caramelized onion gravy, breakfast sausage, sour cream | 11

Green bean casserole*, fried duck egg, chicken, mushroom bechamel, cheddar crumble | 14

Croissant sandwich*, pork loin, fried egg, pimento, chile mayo, bok choy | 13

Open-faced omelette*, fried rice, chinese goat sausage, wheat berries, aioli | 13

Buttermilk pancake, baked apple, whey caramel, cinnamon chèvre, almond | 12

Waffle batter fried quail*, grits, shishito, greens, sorghum maple | 18

Ham hash*, poached egg, potato, rosemary aioli, onion jam | 11

Affogato, chocolate stout ice cream, streusel, stout fudge | 8

Butternut squash cake, cocoa butter-scotch ice cream, goat cheese | 9

Triple creme flan, pepita nougat, olive oil powder, whiskey pears | 9

Mimosa for the kitchen $1

  • Odd Duck Brunch is brought to you by:
  • Giovanni Pujol