Lunch starts at 1130am. We got your thick BLT β€’ grilled pork belly β€’ heirloom tomato β€’ egg salad β€’ potato chips πŸ“· by @beesrcc

It's Friday. This is the Vantaloupe. It's hot out. Come in. We should talk about drinks, snacks, and dinner. Pretty simple. πŸ“· by @beesrcc

LUNCH. And guess the movie line: "What's the soup de jour? It's the soup of the day. Ohhhh...that sounds good, I'll have that." Also, its hot outside so our soup is cool 😎 πŸ“· by @beesrcc

You knead to try this tonight! It's jam packed with goods. Red fife country loaf with sprouted rye berries, bacon olive tomato jam, and house butter. #knowyourmiller #testloaves @bartonspringsmill @sourduckmarket

Success! The @sourduckmarket @oddduckaustin and @barleyswine bake sale with @bartonspringsmill raised $3,050 for the @ctxfoodbank, which will provide 24,000 meals - we are so excited to help out the community! Thank you to everyone in our community that contributed their time and supported this. It really shows how acting local can help the people close to us. And really, who doesn't like seeing a big check (and Dylan Gilmore)!

It's most likely a good evening for pizza. Taco pizza β€’ mango β€’ braised goat β€’ goat cheese πŸ“· by @beesrcc